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The good, the bad and the UGLY!

Well another few hot days have passed since our last blog. Each day the temperature is getting up to around 42 degrees and at night time still sitting around 28 degrees. We've just been hanging about in town, swimming lots, visited the museum (two rooms - they unlocked the padlock for us to go in and locked it back up as we left), and keeping the kids cool with regular icecreams.
Tob picks up the girls at the pool - ever so cool about it

Afternoon cool down with water pistols

We have had a couple of room changes due to extending our stay which has been fine as we don't have a huge amount to pack. Our present accommodation is the home of the hotel owner who has kindly let us have, it is across the road from the hotel which means we don't have to mute the kids quite so much and we still have all the benefits of the hotel, including the breakfasts and the lovely staff who all seem to love kids. It means also we continue to meet people as we realise in a place on our own we would be quite isolated. One of the staff brought her 5 year old boy to play with the kids the other evening. It was funny - they were all quite shy and reserved to start with and then Toby spotted his Ben 10 watch - well the universal language was spoken and they were the best of mates for the rest of the night. That same night there was a circumcision party down town, all boys around the ages of 7-9 are circumcised and along with it is a big celebration. This night must have been a big town party as there were many boys and they all dress up in the traditional satin circumcision suit/costume and being driven around town in a double decker bus. There were even fireworks and live music. We are told the boys are given gifts usually gold coins.
Ahmed and Toby - superheroes

Boys circumcision outfit

By now you'll be wondering about the title of this blog - well on our first night here we had a bit of excitement.
Matt here: At around 11pm I got up to use the toilet - I have been a frequent visitor to this room of the house for the last few days with a Johnny Cash BRF. Anyway was sitting there contemplating life when I saw something move on the wall about 2 metres in front of me. At first I picked it as a lizard and then realised that no it was a Scorpion!!! I freaked out. What the fuck was a Scorpion doing in the bathroom and what was I supposed to do with it. Do I catch it? or do I kill it? I searched around the bathroom for something to use to kill it and picked up the biggest thing in there which was a roll of kitchen towels. I crept towards the Scorpion which was moving across the wall until common sense kicked in. What was I going to do with a roll of handee towels! At best clean its back and at worst piss it off. It was at this moment I felt let down by the NZ school system. I all my schooling years I had never, and I mean never been taught how to kill a scorpion in your bathroom. So with one eye on the scorpion I looked around for something more suitable to use. I passed on the toothbrushes, roll-on deodorants, hair brushes and sunscreen and picked up the shower squeegee. It had a decent handle and a long flat surface. The Scorpion was about 10-12cm long and I was packing myself - when I got to about 2 feet away it noticed me and arched its back raising it's tail in the air. I shoved the squeegee into its body a pressed as hard as I could against it. It waved its tail around looking to sting but with the length of the squeegee it was about 6-8cm away from my fingers. I held it there for a couple of minutes and when I thought it was dead pulled back with the squeegee and jumped back at the same time. If the scorpion was still alive I didn't really have a plan B, however its was dead and I was a hero. It was a kill or be killed moment and I was the victor. Those that know me will agree I am not a hunter gatherer type and don't even like taking a fish of the hook when I go out fishing with Doug but now things are different. There is no doubt that I saved my family's life and potentially those of the village. Who knows how much damage that little bugger would have done without my intervention? Willie Apaiata got a VC for saving less peoples lives so I'm looking forward to returning home to see what honour will be bestowed upon me. I think maybe a movie could be in the works and I reckon Danny DeVito would play a great Matt Watson. (Portions of this have been taken from my book. Pre-order now for only $25 incl pp)

Back to Rach - Shortly after this I got up as I could hear Toby crying. I came out to get Tob some panadol for his aching legs and a cold drink. Matt was down with Toby in his room and was gesturing madly to me not to open the fridge. Disgruntled and wondering what the hell he was going on about I went to see what was up. He explained that he had put the dead Scorpion in the freezer but because it was dark he hadn't checked to see if it had fallen out of the handee towels and onto the floor. Well you can imagine my "what the ........" Scorpians had never even entered our head, none of our guide books had mentioned them and we had never seen them on our previous trips. Frantically we fired up the internet to check out what we were dealing with. It was a Yellow Scorpian we are told by the hotel staff they are not deadly however this seems to apply only to adults. Our reading suggests that any scorpian bites in under 5 year olds are frequently fatal due to their small body mass compared to the poisonous venom, and that victims should get to a hospital within an hour for an injection of antivenom. OH CRAP - we were beside ourselves thinking what the hell are we doing here. Then as if that wasn't all enough Matt looked up and saw another one just above our heads in the kitchen and man they are mean looking creatures. I don't think I have ever moved so fast - a fair description would be that I flew across the room with a face that resembled something like that famous "scream" painting. Out with the shower squeegy weapon again and to death with number 2. By this time to be honest we were planning our trip back to New Zealand - our safe haven where there are no deadly scorpians, snakes or spiders yet another reminder of how lucky we are to live there. We had next to no sleep that night worrying about what might get us when we were sleeping.

The next morning we dragged our weary bodies and sprightly children to breakfast armed with our two frozen Scorpion's in a container. The hotel staff were surprised we had seen / killed two but were also relatively unfazed by it all as this is part of life here. They said we had been extremely unlucky to have seen two of only four spotted all year. That however was cold comfort and we had to weigh up our options. We talked through an interpreter to Fatma the Mum of 5 year old Ahmed who had played with Toby a couple of nights before as we felt she would have a Mum's perspective having a small child of her own. She was very reassuring and said it is unusual to see them inside and they don't consider them dangerous. Apparently it is the hot weather that drives them in - you know you have no chance when it is even too hot outside for the scorpions. The hotel staff have been awesome in reassuring us and doing all they can to keep us feeling safe - so all gaps in the windows have been plugged up and the house has been perimeter sprayed and there have been no further sightings. We now check any shoes and clothes before putting them on and have versed Holly and Toby in terms of what to do should they see one. Bellie is a bit more of a worry as it is that much harder to school her up but we just have to be vigilant with her and discourage her habit of trying on all our shoes for entertainment. Scorpions are nocturnal however it is just if they decide to have a sleep in your clothing. Our best guess is that they came in that evening when I sat with the door open writing some emails. It didn't even cross my mind that that would be a problem - I mean we leave the door open at home in the summer and the most we get in is a couple of moths.
Yip that's them they were in the rubbish skip by this time - photo was a bit of an after thought

Needless to say we are still pretty jumpy - every time something touches your skin or any little shadow has us skipping around the room with raised blood pressure. Sleep is sporadic - mostly due to the heat and a couple of Gins before bed does help in calming ones nerves. Holly was a bit frightened and we talked it through with her explaining that we were unlikely to have any further sightings. She kept on saying she had "Scorpions" in her class at school - we gathered there must have been a picture or something but she kept on repeating her story. When we finally got the bottom of it it turned out that they had "school pens" and she thought it was strange they should name them the same.

The kids are doing great - getting more adventurous with their food and looking like real little travellers. Miss B is growing up so fast and getting way more direct-able. At her tender age of 18 months she now swims with floaties and jumps in from the side of the pool pretty much "if my brother and sister can do it then I can too". She hasn't really been sleeping that well in with Matt and I so the other night we left her on her own in the master bedroom while Matt and I bunked in with the kids - giving the littlest princess a couple of nights to sort herself out.
Seasoned travellers

So that's the excitement for now folks - their have been no further sightings the last two nights and Matt's crook gut is settling with the help of some antibiotics so no need at this stage to abort the trip and come home via Disneyland and McDonalds - whew! Also thanks for all your comments it is great to get your feedback and to know you are enjoying the blog makes it that much easier to write.

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Hot hot hot

sunny 43 °C

Well as the temperature rises we do our best to keep cool so have spent the last few days hanging out at the pool and enjoying getting to know a few of the local people. Albeit our conversations are short and there is lots of sign language and shrugs of the shoulders. Our day started today seeing 3 hot air balloons come right over our verandah while we ate breakfast and land just metres away. Later we headed to the Goreme Open Air Museum. Its a UNESCO World Heritage Site and had fresco's dating from the 9th century. The kids had lots of fun exploring the caves, some of which were churches with beautiful painted walls and ceilings. They had a good try at deciphering the stories that the pictures told and were fascinated by the skeletal remains in one cave that were unearthed in 2006.

Probably the highlight for Holly and Toby though was a ride on a camel - their faces were beaming the whole time, they held on tight and only looked slightly worried at the end when the camel sat down to let them off. From there we walked to Goreme to catch a taxi back to the cool haven of our cavehouse. The walk to Goreme was probably the hottest of my life. It was 43 degrees!!! however I have to say the kids coped very well with the heat, they were hot but there was no moaning at all except a few "how much furthers". Goreme had changed hugely since we were there in 2001. It was like the Queenstown of Cappadocia and judging by the accommodation and amount of tour buses the back packers have disappeared as well. So then it was back home and straight to the pool for a cool off.

The kids have made some great friends at the pool 2 girls (Ozge and Aybuke) and 2 boys (Berkay and ?) around 11 years old who pretty much hang out with us for the entire time of our swim. It is great to see the kids completely unfazed by the language barrier. Bellie is now swimming with floaties and Holly and Toby are enjoying their increasing confidence. This is one of the reasons we have decided to stay here for a further 3 weeks (originally booked for 1). We set out with a goal of introducing the kids to another culture and we have been lucky enough to become a part of that here. We are recognised by many of the store owners who enquire about the kids and the staff here at our accommodation are also lovely. The kids at the pool are teaching us all a few Turkish words - yesterday's lesson was how to count to five. It's funny they have gone from quiet, reserved interactions to now mobbing us the minute we arrive and immediately grabbing the kids and wanting to dunk them - which our kids are less than happy with.

We have also had lots of fun talking to Koray about the Turkish culture. They really seem to hold a strong value on Family and children are very precious. Children are very respectful of their parents and there is apparently very little crime. Alcohol is not a big part of life - thus maybe the lack of crime. He also told us there is a saying about teachers having heaven just under their feet. Teachers are highly regarded as they hold the key to the future - a nice way of looking at it.

We are really enjoying the food - everything is made from scratch using fresh ingredients there is a notable lack of processed foods here and it is interesting how much healthier you feel, how quickly the sugar cravings disappear and the lack of headaches. The afternoons are filled with bowls of watermelon, oranges, apples and kiwifruit. The biscuits that can be brought are really pretty dry and tasteless so we just don't bother with them. The other three strange and unrealated things I like are 1) Front loading washing machines - seem to get the dirtiest children's travelling clothes clean, 2)Huggies $15 for 66 - a bargain (let me know if anyone wants me to import them). I tried to have a conversation with a lady at the pool yesterday as to where to get the huggies swimmers that she had her baby in. After some puzzled looks and a final statement that you have to go into the city to get them she ended up giving me her babies one as she left the pool - not the usual item to use second hand. Finally number 3) kitchen handitowels which have a half sheet perforation (I know I am strange but am sure mothers of young children will appreciate that one)

Matt went with Koray for a shave at a Barber shop yesterday - I'll let him describe the experience:
I went for a Turkish shave yesterday with Koray at his local barber. An interesting experience. Starts with a 5 minute soap up with hot hot water. Once you have about a inch of foam on they get out the flick blade and run it over your face. The shave was great and very close. When they do under your bottom lip they put their fingers in your mouth to pull away your bottom lip. To stretch the skin and under your nose they pinch your nose pulling it up to achieve the same - was a wee bit taken back by this. However the best was when he dunked a over sized cotton tip in some meths then lit it. It was a "what the fuck" moment. The flame was about 4-5 inches and made me glad Koray was there with me, so in a high pitched voice I screeched to him "is this normal or are they taking the piss cause I'm a foreigner". He laughed and relayed my comments to the 4 guys working in there who all laughed for some time at my expense. So what was the flaming cotton tip for! - they cup your ear with 1 hand and with the other flick the flame inside your ear to burn the hairs! The cupping hand covers the outer ear to stop any burns - that is the Health and Safety part. He did both ears 4 or 5 times each and I must say the warm flame in your ear and the smell of hair burning inside it was a very very different experience, but a pretty cool one too. All in all it took about 20 minutes for a shave and set me back 5TL about $4.50. Was all worth it though when we went swimming that afternoon and Berkay the young Turkish boy came up to me a said, "You look like Ryan Giggs". Nice one.

So that the news from our part of the world - take care and catch you soon.
Bellie getting ready to Skype

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Small things amusing small minds

sunny 28 °C

Well a quiet few days here in Urgup. Mostly it is too hot to drag the kids about seeing things they probably won't appreciate at their ages. So we're just taking it easy for a few days - wandering the village, swimming and generally just chilling. My Birthday today so have enjoyed breakfast on the verandah where I opened my 3 pandora charms from my 3 little darlings and a beautiful necklace made locally from Matt. Big party next year and anyone who reads our blog is invited!

My Birthday necklace

Aerial view of the pool we swim at from the top of the hill

Tosti's for lunch by the pool

Exploring the caves

School lessons which happen between 1pm and 3pm have been fun and funny. The kids have taken to calling me Mrs Watson and putting up their hands when they want to talk. I am amazed at how polite and obedient they are during lessons - might do a permanent change to Mrs Watson. Toby joins in on the lessons though after 10 minutes informed me he was heading off to play with the class toys! Everything is done to rule (those provided by Holly) including doing "computer suite" on Wednesday.

Bellie continues to be a trick - on the first day headed out into the courtyard only to return a moment later saying "hot". The washing drys in minutes almost have to worry that it will shrink in the sun. A lot of the men carry a string of beads in their hands I asked one about them and the answer was something along the lines of something to play with but also some religious significance. On several occasions when Bellie has been grizzling about something (usually wanting to walk rather than go in the backpack) they have given them to her to play with - one man actually gave them to her to keep. Not exactly in my parenting handbook - reward for bad behaviour. And for those that do want them back usually the yelling is far louder when we take them off her.
When the excitement all gets a bit too much

We are amused at the kids resourcefulness when it comes to toys. Today they have returned from breakfast with egg cartons -so they are being made into care houses and the like. The other day in Istanbul they had the most fun flying feathers in the wind on the forecourt of the tax department.

The call to prayer continues to amuse now it's "The call to lunch" or "the call to bed" with Toby singing in his deepest possible voice "Holly it's time to go to bed and Holly you need to sleep all the night"

Matt is feeling a little precious about a couple of scams he's fallen in to over the last couple of days. The first one was when he asked me the time one morning and I mistakenly read my watch as 6.30am - off he went running at 5.30am. He was a tad confused to get back at 6.20am. The second I will let him explain but when you read it bear in mind how many years he spent dealing with reps and suppliers getting the best possible price for shop stock. Right Matt here. Absolutely gutted yesterday got conned by a gypsy woman about 4 foot 6 and with only one tooth. She was selling woollen knitted cats. She didn't speak any English but that wasn't a problem because I didn't want to buy one. She gave a cat to Toby. Who replied "thanks" and then she held out her hand and said 10 lira. I told Toby to give it back which he did without complaint. Then she did the same with Holly with the same result. I told her I didn't have money and opened my wallet getting about 3 lira in change out. She grabbed it put it in her bag and asked for another 7! I said no and grabbed Holly and Toby and started to head away. It was at this moment she made her genius move and handed it to Bella who was in the backpack. Bella screeched with delight holding so tight there was no way I could prise it from her. Being on my back I couldn't reach round far enough to get a good grip and the more I tried the more I kept turning around looking like a dog chasing his tail. As the only other money I had were 50 lira notes I wasn't sure what my next move should be. Then Rach came down the hill to meet us at the pool and I had to ask for some money to clear my debts. I handed over 10 lira which she snapped up and disappeared. Rach wanted to know what had happened and when I told here she cried with laughter. I had paid 13 lira for a 5 lira cat that I didn't want. The only upside is Bella has a new toy which she loves. And that was my shopping for the day. It lasted no more than 3 minutes but i came away feeling used and taken advantage of. I could only consul myself that afternoon with a few Efes Beers!
And this is her - the scam artist

Saturday 24th July

Dinner last night was lovely we sat high up on a terrace of a restaurant called Ziggy's and had a lovely meal overlooking the valley. The kids were fine with the babysitter - they were all asleep so there were no language difficulties. It is funny - they still chat away to other kids at the pool about Buzz Lightyear and such and the Turkish kids just look at them like aliens. Certainly everyone in the village knows us - we liken ourselves to being like an African family in Richmond - we stand out like a sore thumb. The kids continue to be smothered in hugs and kisses it's funny as if someone ran up to you in the Richmond Mall and started hugging and kissing your kids you'd probably report them but here it is very acceptable.

Toby is doing his best to enjoy eggs - there is of course an incentive if he can eat a whole egg. We are however a long way off as he is his father's son and starts gagging when it touches the tip of his tongue. Lucky he has time up his sleeve . He is feeling pretty chuffed though - he had a haircut at the Turkish Barber yesterday - they spent about 30mins fussing around him even blowdryed it at the end!

This afternoon we were invited by Claire and Koray (the American who married the Turkish man) to their 9 month old daughter Isabelle's party. It was a traditional party that celebrates the baby's first tooth and involves eating bowls of bulgar wheat with sugar on as well as icecream and cake. It was held at 4pm on the third floor balcony of an icecream store downtown. You can imagine how excited the kids were that they were going to be having icecream for tea. There were around 50 people their only 3 of them men. The kids had fun playing with other kids - funny how they interacted. At times there was hostility but Toby would put on his tough face (usually when the other kids weren't looking) By the end of it they were all playing nicely together and holding hands in a circle singing traditional Turksh songs. At one stage they sat Isabelle down with a book, a pen, a gold ring, and Turkish Lira note - what she choose would indicate her career path. She chose the shiny gold ring - not a big surprise, indicating she will like or work in gold - as Matt commented what women doesn't like gold. Again we felt very privileged to be invited to this ceremony - these are the experiences you can't buy or visit.

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Living like the Flintstones

sunny 35 °C
View Turkey 06-07-2010 - 03-10-210 & Turkey on Watson5's travel map.

Well it's been a few days since updating the blog. Last couple of days in Istanbul were pretty quiet, we did a trip to Miniataturk a minature village of many of the significant buildings in Turkey. Kids had fun steering a model boat with a lot of skill and concentration not realising it was actually on a track. Other than that the we lay low really - the weather was hot and Bellie developed a 40 degree fever (an ear infection I think) so was pretty sick and not so easy to get on top of in this heat so we kept her inside in the air conditioning. She is now on antibiotics, has perked up and today is grumpy and hungry - a good sign. Just as well you can buy antibiotics over the counter here as we have used the two kids courses I brought with me for the three months.

Yesterday we travelled to Urgup in Cappadocia. At 6.30am the man who owned our apartment in Istanbul came to do the house inspection and give us back our bond of 200 Euro. It was a bit like flatting again her wandered around the house checking such things as whether the toilets still flushed - we are not sure what we were meant to have done to them! Funny though as Matt discovered as he lent over to reach the toilet paper that the toilet was not actually fastened to the floor - can't you just imagine the look on his face. So anyway we mentioned that we would be leaving in a taxi to the airport at 8.00am in time to get to the airport at 9.00am an hour before our flight. "No" he said "you must take the tram and then train". Matt explained that no we had decided to take a taxi as all the changes on the tram were not so easy with 3 children and all our luggage to which he replied that no a taxi could take up to 2 hours in the morning traffic. " Oh crap" change of plans - so we had to leave pretty much then - waking Bellie who had been up half the night unwell and bundling everyone out the door to walk to the tram station. It was a mission lots of walking, stairs, and crammed trains, but we made it with 15 minutes to spare before boarding after having all our bags scanned twice including taking Bellie out of the backpack both times and then wrestling to get her back in as she "wanted to walk" - far to independent and strong willed for her 18 months age.

The 1 hour flight was uneventful apart from Bella and Toby being relatively grumpy. Holly decided she was sitting on her own across the isle and made friends with a young woman called Rosie - well they chatted away like long lost friends for the whole of the flight until Rosie became very air sick on landing. You can imagine Holly's excitement to find someone who's Turkish name translated to that of dear Aunty Rosie back home - and of course this girl was told all about Aunty Rosie and various family happenings.

So after a tram, train, long walk, security checks, flight and mini bus ride we arrived at our cave house. Wow - it is awesome. We have a two bedroom, two bathroom, lounge, kitchen and private garden all carved out of the volcanic rock that makes up much of the landscape. Holly has a bed carved out of the rock. It is lovely and cool inside without any air conditioning and has a very calm and restful feel about it. I have just been and done some washing the washing machines are sitting in carved out cubby holes also - kind of like modern world meets prehistoric as do the sky dishes dotted on the landscape. The kids imaginations have run away with them - they think we have landed on the moon. There is talk of dragons and bats and all sorts of make believe. It is really an awesome place which does feel as though it is on another world.
The Lounge of our cavehouse
Master Bedroom
Kids Bedrooms - that's Holly's bed carved out of the wall that she is sitting on
Our private Courtyard
The Washing Machines

And it is hot - oh so hot 35 degrees+ Matt has found a hotel down the road with a pool that we can pay to use so that is looking like a good option and we might do a short private 1/2 day tour and other than that probably just try and keep out of the sun. We have also come to the realisation that we might need to modify our days a bit in order to meet some other families. The Turkish people seem to keep their kids up late at night so we can only guess they have a mid afternoon siesta - day one of that for our kids today and both Holly and Toby were asleep within minutes. This way we can go out as a family for dinner later when it cools down - it is at this time that the streets are full of our kids. Not during the day when us stupid tourists are trying to get out. An American lady who is married to a Turk had invited us to join her and her family for dinner tonight at her brother in laws carpet shop - a sales pitch? - we shall find out!
The surrounding landscape
The playground - what an amazing backdrop
The town 10 min down hill walk - taxi ride home!

Wednesday 21st July am
Well we did the dinner thing last night - gave the kids a big afternoon sleep as dinner didn't start till 8pm. Arrived at the shop and were taken upstairs - there were around 20 people including kids. The upstairs room was gorgeous, it was a carpet museum with many beautiful pieces ( though not really a place you want kids running around) Dinner was served in 4 courses and most of it was delicious just the odd thing that churned your stomach. The hosts were lovely and most of the other diners were Americans and Turks all very pleasant. There was plenty of red wine which was surprisingly nice as the white wine we have tried tastes like aviation fuel. Also Raki - a Turkish spirit - we steered clear of it as this heat 3 kids and a hangover were not deemed to be a winning combo.

After dinner we headed down into the shop where the host a another couple of Turks brought out their traditional guitars and drums and played some music. There was singing and dancing and lots of fun. The kids got up and had a dance Holly particularly was in her element with her new 9 year old friend and we saw very little of her all night. It was a fun evening and we lasted to around 9.30pm - not bad considering Bellie and Toby are usually in bed at 6.30pm. Exactly the type of experience we travelled half way across the world for.

The only challenging aspect of the night was the stairs which Bellie desperately wanted to explore - only problem was they were steep and made of marble. Funny the Turkish kids are very used to them - there are no stair gates and the railings around balconies are terrible either low, with huge gaps or non existent with a 4 story drop. We have to be constantly vigilant and where we eat is generally dictated to by these aspects. Bellie is the challenge - has the mobility but not the brain. Also they drive like idiots here and you'd be surprise how may you can cram into one car - no need for 7 seaters. We saw 10 adults and children in a Fiat Pinto yesterday - unbelievable not a child restraint in sight.

Anyway they were all very keen to see their beds at 10pm when the taxi dropped us home. Though as we drove home we saw many people with kids just heading to town.

Have just returned from breakfast which is provided here - we have eggs as you want them from boiled to omelets, cereal, bread, fresh squeezed orange juice, fruit and coffee. All served on a terrace overlooking the hills and cave formations. You can't beat that! The only challenge is the wasps of which their are many but they burn little pots of coffee beans which seems very simple effective way of getting rid of them. Funny though we realised Holly was calling them "Mosques" she was suddenly yelling "Shoo, go away mosque" You can imagine Matt's alarm after all the beautiful Mosques we have been to and she suddenly transposes this name to these horrible little pests. Other funny thing that happened is breakfast came out and Toby was so excited he thought he was being served popcorn - you can imagine his disappointment to find it was scrambled eggs. Bellie is enjoying a varied diet of many different fruit and vegetables though we have been a bit concerned she is not that keen on the meat here as it does taste a bit different. Yesterday however or concerns were put aside when Holly said she picked up a giant ant and ate it - hope they're full of iron.
Breakfast on the verandah
3 rascal

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Great News

sunny 31 °C

This afternoon we got some great news. Matt emailed the lady who owns the apartment we are renting to ask here to let us know if she heard anything about the young lad at the beach. A bit of a long shot in a city with 14 million people but we thought it was worth a go as we hadn't been able to stop thinking about him and wondering of the outcome. Anyway we thought maybe there might be something in a paper she could relay to us or if she had any hospital contacts.

We were very excited to recieve this email shortly after Matt had sent his email:

Hi Matt,
Yesterday what you have done was amazing. You saved his life. We called the police and get the hospital information. He is in a private hospital at Kinaliada (His name is .................., Hospital name is Hospitalium Camlica and telefon number is 0 216 443 71 13).

I have talk to head of department. He told that his situation is getting better he passed the critical stage with your first intervention. Doctor asked me to thank you on behalf of him.

Hope you had a chance to relax and rest


Zumrut & Hayri

We could not have hoped for better news - it was great to get some closure and I know we will both sleep better tonight for knowing. It is easier for me being a nurse and having seen these things before but it really took it's toll on Matt. Here's to aiming for a less eventful trip ahead.

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